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If you are looking for quality horses ...
Since year 2000 we have been breeding Danish Warmblood (DWB) and Estonian Sports Horses (ESH) horses.

Ramses XII after Heslegaards Rubin:
Donna Anna after Blue Hors Don Schufro:

Horses bred at Liivaku Stables were very succesful at Young Horses Championship 2013:
In 4-year old Liivaku horses ended 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
In 5-year old 1st place, and in 6-year old 2nd, 3rd and 4th place:

4-year old:
Rimbaud after Ramses XII.
1st place 4-year olds
Rider: Tina Kuusman
Breeder: Liivaku Stables

5-year old:
Donna Anna after Blue Hors Don Schufro.
1st place 5-year olds.
Rider: Dina Ellermann
Breeder: Liivaku Stables

6-year olds:
Saladin after Blue Hors Shepard.
2nd place 6-year old.
Rider: Maiken Lepiste.
Breeder Liivaku Stables

Rosinante after Ramses XII.
6st place 4-year olds on the first competition day.
Rider: Rose Marie Skjoldby.
Breeder: Liivaku Stables

Superman after Blue Hors Shepard.
3rd place 6-year olds.
Rider: Agnes Raudam.
Breeder: Liivaku Stables

Donna Del Lago after Blue Hors Don Schufro.
4th place 6-year old.
Rider: Nicolai Skjoldby
Breeder: Liivaku Stables.
Royal Pokemon after Royal Diamond:

Rohan Warrior after Royal Diamond: 

Leopold after Solos Landtinus:

Romeo after Heslegaards Rubin:

Richard Lionheart after Relevant:

Sahib after Schwadroneur:

Liivaku produced 2 winners at Young Horses Championship 2012:
Donna Anna with Dina Ellermann Radhaa and Donna del Lago with Nicolai Skjoldby (read more):

Dressage training with Marika Vunder at Liivaku 06/04 2013 - 07/04 2013.
Dressage training with Marika Vunder at Liivaku 06/04 2013 - 07/04 2013.
After that we will have training on 18th and 19th May (Saturday Sunday).
And after that during the competition week-end on 25th and 26st May 2013.

Marika Vunder and Frankfurt.

Marika Vunder will give training in Liivaku stables on 6st and 7th April 2013.

Everybody is welcome to sign up for training with one of Estonia's top dressage riders on Saturday 6st and Sunday 7th April. If you are interested in participating, please contact Nicolai Skjoldby. The price is eur 23 for 1/2 hour training (covers transport costs also).

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