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Since year 2000 we have been breeding Danish Warmblood (DWB) and Estonian Sports Horses (ESH) horses.

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Ramses XII after Heslegaards Rubin: Donna Anna after Blue Hors Don Schufro:
Horses bred at Liivaku Stables were very succesful at Young Horses Championship 2013:
In 4-year old Liivaku horses ended 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
In 5-year old 1st place, and in 6-year old 2nd, 3rd and 4th place:

4-year old:
Rimbaud after Ramses XII.
1st place 4-year olds
Rider: Tina Kuusman
Breeder: Liivaku Stables

5-year old:
Donna Anna after Blue Hors Don Schufro.
1st place 5-year olds.
Rider: Dina Ellermann
Breeder: Liivaku Stables
6-year olds:
Saladin after Blue Hors Shepard.
2nd place 6-year old.
Rider: Maiken Lepiste.
Breeder Liivaku Stables

Rosinante after Ramses XII.
6st place 4-year olds on the first competition day.
Rider: Rose Marie Skjoldby.
Breeder: Liivaku Stables

Superman after Blue Hors Shepard.
3rd place 6-year olds.
Rider: Agnes Raudam.
Breeder: Liivaku Stables

Donna Del Lago after Blue Hors Don Schufro.
4th place 6-year old.
Rider: Nicolai Skjoldby
Breeder: Liivaku Stables.
Royal Pokemon after Royal Diamond:
Rohan Warrior after Royal Diamond: 
Leopold after Solos Landtinus:
Romeo after Heslegaards Rubin:
Richard Lionheart after Relevant:
Sahib after Schwadroneur:

Liivaku produced 2 winners at Young Horses Championship 2012:
Donna Anna with Dina Ellermann Radhaa and Donna del Lago with Nicolai Skjoldby (read more):