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Please send us an e-mail if you are interested in some of them: info@liivaku.ee
Green = Horse has not yet been broken in; B.I. = Broken in; E = Elementary courses/programs; M = Medium; A = Advanced.
OBS: Videos/pictures does not necessarily reflect the horse's actual education
PictureNameRemarksSexBornF,FF,FFFM, MF,MMFHeight (cm)BreedSchooling dressageSchooling jumping<2.0002-5.0005-10.00010-20.00020-50.000>50.000IDshoworder
For sale:

Ounce of Gold
For sale. Gelding2003-05-07Ulrik, Ugur, UrnikStella, Sputnik, Sannur165ESHX233402000541003

For sale! Gelding2004-06-11Solos LANDTINUS, LANDADEL, LANDGRAF IHeslegaards LOUSIA, Heslegaards LOUIS, ROSSI XX 186208333DW0407474 DV DK

Donna del Lago
For sale.
Winner of Young Horses Dressage Championship 2012
Mare2007-04-17Blue Hors Don Schufro, DONNERHALL, DONNERWETTERHeslegaards LAVETTA, Heslegaards STAR LIGHT, LAVALLO172ESHX233001070232111
For sale!

For sale! Mare2009-06-14Blue Hors Romanov, Rohdiamant, RubinsteinPascale, Heslegaards Platin, Heslegaards Camerlengo159ESTX233001090235111
For sale:

Royal Straight Flush
For sale. Gelding2011-05-07Royal Diamond, Rubinstein I, RosenkavalierLipstick, Solos Landtinus, Heslegaards Camerlengo170ESHX23300111A034111

For sale! Gelding2011-06-22Lord of the Rings, , Danae, , 16523300111A219011

Mare2012-04-17Blue Hors Don Schufro, , Ramona, , 0delight