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Foal alarm

Foal alarm complete: EUR 768 incl VAT

Complications during birth, if not corrected in time, can seriously affect your breeding programme and can cause major financial loss. The SAFEMATE foal alarm gives you the opportunity of being present during the birth, check and if necessary correct the foetal position of the foal, help the mare, get the foal out of the slough, and assure You that it can rise and get the important first milk!
The SAFEMATE foal alarm consists of a harness, a radio transmitter and a radio receiver. The transmitter unit is supplied in a quality leather case. It is waterproof, shock resistant, compact (the size of a large match box) and it is powered by an single 9V battery. Safemate will typically give you an alarm warning between 45 and 15 minutes before birth. Price in Estonia: EUR 768,00 incl 20% Estonian VAT.

Rent: Eur 5,00/day, incl 20% VAT. Prepayment EUR 70 + shipping EUR4.

Additional belt with sender, in case more mares are foaling: Eur 432,00 incl VAT
GSM sender can call up and text up to 5 connected phones via SIM card.
Price in Estonia: EUR 162,00 incl VAT

Extra belt with sender: EUR 432 incl VAT

GSM sender: EUR 162 incl VAT

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