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PictureNameRemarksSexBirthdayFather, FF, FFFMother, MF, MMFHeight (cm)BreedID

SOLD! Darcy: Large gelding born 2008 with good gaits: 171 cm. Estimated mature height 174 cm. Sire Danny Wilde (Donnerhall-line). Dam Sire Schwadroneur. Dam Dam Sire Blue Hors Romancier. Very good tempered large gelding with 3 good gaits. A potential achiever in dressage as easy to handle and responds to the aids. Gelding2008-03-16Danny Wilde, Donnerwind, Donnerschlag (Donnerhall)Solveig, Schwadroneur, Blue Hors Romancier171ESH233001080265111

SOLD! Mare2009-04-28Ramses XII, heslegaards rubin, Rubinstein ISolveig, Schwadroneur, Blue Hors Romancier162ESH23300109A066111